Syria emergency : protect children from war

The Syrian conflict, which has now reached its sixth year, seems to have no solution. According to UNHCR, the number of refugees this year exceeded the threshold of 5 million (updated on 1 May 2017,

The nearby Jordan continues to welcome Syrians fleeing. There are more than 659,000 refugees nowadays, allocated almost entirely in the north part of Jordan, close to the Syrian border.

A tragedy that affects especially the youngest: nearly half of the refugees are children, many of whom were born during the war, they never saw anything but it, they never went to school and have big behavioral problems linked to the traumas suffered.



Since 2014, Vento di Terra is working in Jordan to support Syrian families and children in the area of the Mafraq governorate, through child-raising activities, psychosocial support for families and children, and distribution of primary needs.


In 4 years Vento di Terra has realized several projects:

Humanitarian aid: distributing shoes, clothes and generic needs to children and families in informal refugee camps; distribution of blankets, mattresses, drinking water kits
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Psychosocial Support: an Edubus for recreational activities for the psycho-social improvement of children in refugee camps
Non-formal education: Al-Sa’iediyyeh, an educational center for Syrian children, with special attention to children with disabilities
Non-formal education: Mafraq, an educational center for Syrian children living in informal refugee camps



#WEPROTECTCHILDREN is the new Vento di Terra campaign to protect Syrian children living in refugee camps and provide them educational, psychological and material support.

Help us to support our projects, #weprotectchildren together!

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