Gaza one year after the war

30 September 2015

One year after the end of the military operation “Protective Edge”, which cost the lives of over 2.200 Palestinians, Gaza is still a pile of rubble. The materials for the reconstruction, which Israel allows to enter through Erez, are not accessible

A wonderful End for an “Eventful” Year

16 June 2015

On the 30th of May, 2015, the Children’s Land kindergarten celebrated the graduation of its children and the end of the 2014/2015 school year. This school year has been the hardest on the 4 years old kindergarten managed by the

Empowering Women of Um Alnasser Village

15 June 2015

Vento di Terra’s first priority has always been strengthening the communities they work with; like the Bedouin community of Um Alnasser village, north of Gaza Strip. One major step taken towards the achievement of that is seen in the NGO’s

The rubber tyre school is preparing to welcome more students

13 April 2015

The action offers an answer to the different needs identified among boys and girls to ensure to full enjoyment of the right to education for both of them. The rehabilitation will facilitate the participation especially of female students to the

Let’s keep friends! Talking about peace in the Children’s Land

10 April 2015

The destruction of the Children’s Land Center facilities during the events of the last military action against Gaza in the summer of 2014 took its toll on the children of the kindergarten in many ways: this was noticed in the

Preparations for the Children’s Land reconstruction

23 January 2015

Here we are, everything is ready to lay the first brick! The new project of the Children’s Land center will be modular and will include the essential units to restore all the services implemented in the old center, from children education

Rehabilitation of the Rubber Tyre school

17 November 2014

Regarding the buildings constructed between 2009 and 2011 (8 classrooms in total) and after, they need maintenance for the plastering, painting, maintenance of the wooden floors, roofs, windows and doors. These will include the substitution of some doors and windows,

The management of the post traumatic stress disorder in Gaza

26 October 2014

It’s started in October the series of meetings for women of the Um al Nasser village, on the management of post-traumatic stress disorder caused by the conflict and the ongoing violations of human rights. The first meeting, conducted by Rehab Rehan,

Educational activities with Syrian children

25 September 2014

It’s time for classes in Jordan. Indeed, the school has never stopped, not even during the summer heat in the unusual school desk of Al Mafraq camp. The history of these children starts from far away, from the border they crossed to

Back to school in Um al Nasser village!

20 September 2014

Here they are! The pictures of the first day of school at Um al Nasser! We are very excited and proud to show them! Congratulations to the teachers and all the local staff of Vento di Terra, who with great