Rehabilitation of the Rubber Tyre school

Rehabilitation of the Rubber Tyre school

Regarding the buildings constructed between 2009 and 2011 (8 classrooms in total) and after, they need maintenance for the plastering, painting, maintenance of the wooden floors, roofs, windows and doors.

These will include the substitution of some doors and windows, the new plastering over the walls of tires, where the clay made in 2009 is partially crumbled. The net that support the plastering will be substituted where necessary. In the straw-bale classes the plastering is in extremely bad conditions, therefore it will be substituted completely, improving the connection with the straw wall.

Moreover the toilettes (5 units – 2 males, 2 ladies, 1 teachers) need a rehabilitation of the water network and rooms.

The current proposal foresees the realization of emergency rehabilitation works for the teacher’s room and the kitchen and specifically:

– Rehabilitation of the kitchen, store and teachers’ room;
– Rehabilitation and maintenance of the existing structures (9 classrooms)
– Rehabilitation of external spaces
– Purchasing of new furniture
– Toilettes (5 units) rehabilitation

The works will be promoted in coordination with the legal parts in order to minimize the connected AREA C risks.

The project foresees also the upgrade of the PV solar panel system in order to let the school be totally autonomous for what concern electricity needs.

The new stand-alone system will complete and upgrade the existing one and will be realized with the technical supervision of a local contactor.

The new system will serve all the school facilities, will guarantee an adequate production for schools uses. The production of green electricity will also be useful during extra school time, when part of the school building are used by the community for socio-educational activities in favour of Bedouin children and youngsters.