The Bedouin oral tradition

In the heart of the desert in Palestine to rediscover stories, sounds and traditions of the Bedouin culture. The research starts from the Bedouin villages between Jericho and Jerusalem, with the intent to bring its splendour in Italy. Together with the youths in the Jahalin community, we activated an educational course to reinterpret and actualize Bedouin oral tradition.

Our aim is to rediscover the uniqueness of Bedouin oral tradition through a contemporary approach, using multimedia and audiovisual tools. Theatre workshops, photography, creative writing and video-editing involve adolescents and children of the Jahalin community. Italian and Palestinian artists and media experts will take turns in teaching the main communication techniques.

In order to enhance Bedouin identity, in a place devastated by the conflict and the urbanization, narration and the rediscovery of nomadic roots are essential. In particular, the younger generations trapped in Area C by the separation wall and checkpoints, risk losing their heritage connected to nomadism and “tent culture”, that distinguished Bedouin life for centuries.

Sharing their stories, by the publication of a children’s book and a multimedia DVD, will allow Italian schools and universities to approach a reality rich in traditions and legends.