Empowerment of Beduin communities

Starting 2013
Objectives Increase the representativeness of the Bedouin communities living in the C Area and Jerusalem district and reduce their economic and social marginalization
Project Status Completed
Partner Oxfam Italia
Funded by unione europea
– European Union

The project, realized in partnership with Oxfam Italia, has seen the involvement of Vento di Terra to develop income-generating activities within the Bedouin communities living in the C Area and in the Jerusalem district. The action led to the creation and organization of an informal network of Palestinian Bedouin women from eight different communities divided into the same number of cluster production. The project has focused on the discovery and valorization of Bedouin crafts production techniques, providing opportunities to women for training and employment. Thanks to a training on the job experience for the improvement of processing techniques, over seventy women were involved in the development and production of handicrafts collected under the brand “Asheerah”. In different communities, women of Asheerah have developed and created natural wool artifacts, embroidered jewelry and accessories. A unit of marketing has also been created and developed to ensure the merchantability and sale of finished products. The products were finally launched on the local and international market through the Fair Trade circuit.

Thanks to the rediscovery of traditional artisan workmanship, women have found an economic and social role in their communities, allowing them to actively contribute to the family income.