A pediatric clinic in Um al Nasser

Starting 2013
Objective Improve the supply of social and health services to the families of the Bedouin village of Um Al Nasser.
Project Status Completed
Partner – KENDA Onlus
– Palestinian Medical Relief
Funded by – Puglia Region

In the last few years the health and environment conditions of the Um Al Naser Bedouin village are drastically worsened. In addition to the consequences of the block and the scarcity of water resources, the village accused the consequences of the collapse of sewage management system tanks occurred in 2007, an event that resulted in the deaths of five people and the contamination of the entire area , submerged for months by the sewage.

Today, from the health point of view, the main problems are still linked to children, even infants. There are intestinal infections, diarrhea, amoeba, verminous, spread of infectious diseases, especially among children, and the proliferation of rodents and mosquitoes. The fumes from the sewage basin, located in the municipality territory, often make the air unbreathable and also there are respiratory infections to be related to the black water of the sewers.

From the data collected by the local headquarters of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, it emerges a picture of particular emergency. 90% of minors of 0-10 years is suffering from intestinal parasites and serious epidermal infections.

The project, in partnership with Kenda Onlus and PMR, allowed to equip a pediatric clinic in the Children’s Land center. Two nurses were selected and trained to carry out screening and prevention campaigns for children and women, in coordination with the medical clinics in the north area of the Gaza Strip.