Mission ENG

“Who throws seeds in the wind will make the sky blossom”


The wind blows from the mountains and sweeps the earth, purifying it. Every place, however tormented by history, has its own wealth. We want to be a catalyst for the ‘energies’ that struggle to emerge. We relate local communities. With them, we open new perspectives, think and realize a future scenario we call “project”.
We are looking for fellow travelers, available to share resources and objectives. We defend unconditionally the rights of the weakest and the balance of our planet.


We work in border territories and we consider development cooperation as a complex relationship among equals. We suggest an idea of community development related to the concept of social, economic and cultural growth.
The border, usually associated with discontinuity, is for us a place of osmosis, exchange and growth. A place where the ‘difference’ becomes value. The “limes” (limit) is actually inside us; it requires availability, passion and research to overcome it. Overcoming it means building bridges, together.
We operate by combining the energies “on this side and beyond the sea” to spread a culture of peace. We do this by building schools, encouraging entrepreneurship and promoting social services for women and children.


We chose to operate in the border territories defending human rights and the environment, giving citizenship to childhood, when it has been violated, especially where violence, weapons and exploitation prevail.
We rely on experts in education, training and sociology. We believe that an intervention, if effective and land-oriented, can become a model and contribute to change. For this reason we defend the idea of an intervention designed and run from the bottom, on a small scale. Our projects always come from a proposal by the local community.
Our approach focuses on networks in the area, participatory planning and intercultural exchanges. The protagonists are associations, educational institutions, research centers, religious communities, fair trade shops and local administrations. People are the protagonists. We don’t believe in a “touch and go” cooperation. On the contrary, we think it is important to take root in the communities in which we operate, taking part in their development.