Our education is something no one can take away from us

Our education is something no one can take away from us

Hussain, from Syria, is one of the educators of the center of Al-Mafraq city. We met in a mid-August hot day while he is holding an English language lesson that involves a lot of pupils who were willing to intervene. He explaied to us how much it is necessary for them and their future to perfectly know this language and its proper pronunciation. Curious about his method, we asked more about his story.

Hussein was running a private school in Syria; he escaped at the beginning of the conflict, leaving three houses belonging to his family. He arrived in Jordan with his wife and his five children and, despite the initial difficulties, had no choice but to start again.

“At first it was really tough. I left everything I had built over the years. When I first came to Jordan I suffered from depression, I did not know what to do. ”

He tried to forget. He thought Syria no longer existed, so that he could erase every memory.

“I realized I could not forget, but I had to go on with my kids and myself. I started to write: I wrote how I felt, my feelings about the past and my expectations for the future. I found myself planning out what I should have done to improve our condition and suddently I realized that the way my children saw me would affect them in the future. ”

The first step was to enroll them in school, and then he had the opportunity to continue teaching in the center of Al-Mafraq run by Vento di Terra.

“Education, commitment, study, are the only salvation in this situation. If children can not study now, they will fail in the future. ”

In two years Hussein and his family conditions have improved: they have managed to integrate into Jordanian society, they have a home and a work and the kids are studying with great enthusiasm.

“This center was a saving grace for me and my family. My work here gives me the strength to go on. ”

Hussain is still writing, but now his lessons and teaching method are the main themes.

“Teaching is a practice that involves others. It is not enough to study and explain for myself, it is necessary to understand the needs of the students and to involve them. My goal is to help these children: I want the best level of education for them so that they will not fail in the future. More than a home, food, clothes, our education is something no one can take away from us. Perhaps we can not forget the past, but we must live happily the present, in order to plan the future. ”

We greet Hussain warmly. He can not stay away from the lesson for too long. He entered the classroom; from children’s smiles we can see that his work is certainly on the right path.

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