Back to school! The new school year begins in Palestine and Gaza

Back to school! The new school year begins in Palestine and Gaza

In recent days Palestinian children went back to school benches for the beginning of the new school year. From the School of Tyres in the West Bank to the Children’s Land in the Gaza Strip, children celebrate the first day of school with dance and recreational activities, welcoming new adventure comrades.

We look at them and we felt moved seeing their happiness and their smiles. Even this year we have been able to provide them with a school where to study and teachers who will follow them throughout the year.

This year, we fought against the demolition of the School of Tyres and thanks to everyone’s support we succeeded in suspending the injunction against the building. Today more than 150 children can start a new school year!

A year ago, after its destruction in 2014 by the Israeli army, the new Children’s Land was inaugurated. 110 children were welcomed in recent days and are now actively involved in the new school year: teachers have organized sport and artistic activities (painting, drawing, etc) and story telling activities. The social worker have organized games for children with difficulties to facilitate their insertion in the group. Moreover, the coordinator of the educational team met the parents, explaining to them the kintergarden program, the activities and the educational method.

Now we just wish every child a happy school year!