Mobile Clinic

Starting 2013
Objective Realization of a mobile clinic, eco-friendly, energy-independent, easy to assemble and portable, to provide medical service to the Bedouins living in the “C” area.
Project statuso Completed
Technical Partner  arco
– ARCO Architettura e Cooperazione
– Minister of Health PNA
Funded by logo-undpmaebelgio2
– UNDP (United Nation Development Program)
– Italian Development Cooperation
– Belgian Development Cooperation

The construction of new buildings and renovations in Area C has always been a sensitive issue because of the Israeli strict regulations. As a result, the conditions of the Bedouin population living in Area C are characterized by permanent instability because of continued house demolitions by the Israeli army and the forced displacement of entire families: not being able to construct buildings with foundations, they are forced to live in tents and shacks in precarious conditions.

The health situation is very bad: walls, checkpoints, barriers, fences make difficult, if not often impossible, to move and then becomes problematic to access to medical facilities. The Bedouins do not have access to the well organized hospitals of the colonies, and with difficulty it is allowed to reach the Palestinian structures.
Hence the idea of proposing the study of a clinic on wheels: a structure easily transportable with a 4×4 jeep, assembled and disassembled in a few hours, able to reach the most isolated communities or patients difficult to transport.

The mobile clinic prototype is made with low environmental impact, low cost, energy independent and can be easily assembled and disassembled, in an average time of 4,5 hours, and transported in a van.
The mobility of the structure will allow to set the service in every community in Area C, moving it in another area in case of problems related to the demolitions.

This is a pilot project that could be replicated many times in the future in similar situations, adapting the content according to the needs identified, promoting mobile homes, schools and different types of services.