Child's Play

Starting 2008
Objective Intercultural exchanges between Palestinian children and Italian children, through workshops on Palestinian and Sardinian traditional games and the basic techniques of video storytelling
Project Status Completed
Funded by municipalities of Segariu (MC),Villanovafranca (MC), Lunamatrona (MC) and “Consorzio due Giare”

Italy and Palestine meet in a territory common to all cultures: game.

Together with some Italian and Palestinian children, we realized workshops on games from Palestinian and Sardinian traditions and workshops on the main techniques of video storytelling.

The results of the research were shared in October 2008 for the IV Traditional Game Olympics. A delegation of boys and girls from the Kalandia refugee camp (West Bank) attended the event bringing in Italy games and traditional dances of their culture.

Through the universal language of game, new connections between Palestinian children and their Italian peers were born.

The project allowed the creation of a web tv managed by ten children of the refugee camp, followed by the educators of the Kalandia Refugee Camp Child Club for Culture and Development.