Starting 2012
Objectives  Improvement of socio-economic conditions of the Bedouin community of Um Al Naser.
Project Status Completed
Funded by – Italian Conference of Bishops (CEI)
– Municipality of Agrate Brianza

The project, which aims to increase and diversify agricultural production of Bedouin families of Um Al Nasser, is developed in connection with the nutrition service of the Children’s Land center.

Farmers at Um al Nasser repeatedly face problems related to the productivity of the land, because of issues related to the availability of water, and for lack of adequate knowledge and tools to maximize productivity in a healthy, efficient and environmental-friendly way. The indigenous agricultural production tends to replicate mostly the same varieties of vegetables with an average production of less then sufficiency and a variety of production very low. In addition, the periodic blocks of Rafah gate (Egypt) and Keren Shalom gate (Israel) limit the quantity and quality of food and seeds imported.

Thanks to the project, were purchased and distributed agricultural materials and equipment for 260 farmers; a tractor has been bought for community use; 12 cisterns to collect water have been implemented and a system of drip irrigation to serve agricultural land for at least 10 families. The project also allowed to distribute and to plant fruit trees, seeds and seedlings (melons, watermelons, corn, beans, bamia) for the production of vegetables.

Most of the production was dedicated to the activities of the community kitchen, made possible thanks to the project “Nutrition and Health”. The agricultural products obtained through the project have so guaranteed quality supplies to the kitchen service, in addition to the support to the local economy, supported also by the distribution and sale of products to the markets of the neighboring villages of Jabalia and Beith Lahya.