Around 180 people in the Al Khan al Ahmar area will have to deal with the loss of their homes if the Israeli Supreme Court will opt for their demolishment

A new date has been set to choose upon the future of the ‘tyre school’: on April 25th, in fact, the Israeli Supreme Court will, once again, meet to come to a conclusion regarding the demolition of the whole Al Khan al Ahmar area by the army and the consequent forced displacement of the area’s community. This time, there is much worry for this community, as the Court’s jury has been changed and will be chaired by Noam Sohlberg, a right-wing colonialist with extremely strong ideologies.

A number of events have been organized in these weeks to give a voice to the Bedouin population of the area: among these, many public gatherings and meetings with different institutions and associations have been taking place to raise awareness among the international community, so that it might aid in creating pressure to stop this demolishment from taking place.

In the meantime, the educational activities in the ‘tyre school’ have been restlessly continuing: in the past days, the students have taken part in a competition organized by the Public Education Ministry, to reward the most beautiful garden between all the schools of the Ministry. The children and teachers have worked together to come up with a magnificent garden by colouring the tyres and rocks of different colours, drawing on the outside walls of the school and planting new flowers. A peaceful way of preparing for the ruling of April 25th, by planting new seeds of hope.