After the clean water kits and the educational activities for children, now arrive blankets and mattresses for families to face the winter cold
Winter’s coming in Jordan. The first real cold with even the first sandstorm hit in recent weeks the refugee camps in Al Mafraq. The cold in the self-allestiste tents in makeshift settlements is even more rigid and the night is the worst time. The refugee families, fled from the war in Syria and arrived in Jordan with a few clothes and very little material for their own survival, need many basic necessities. To not leave these families unprepared for the arrival of the first snows, Vento di Terra thanks began distributing accomodation kits to 200 vulnerable families in the informal refugee camps, with mattresses, blankets, warm clothes and tarpaulins to allow those who live in tent to protect themselves better. Many of them sleep in makeshift camps, on the ground: with the first rains and the mud that they carry, the conditions of hygiene become even more precarious. The kits are a drop in the ocean of needs that refugees bring with them but they are also an answer that can be given quickly and effectively.
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