The months following the inauguration of the Women’s Center constructed by Vento di Terra NGO in Um Al-Nasser Bedouin village north of Gaza Strip have been a time of many plans transforming into actions with psychological and concrete effects blossoming in the area

The women working in the two laboratories along with the rest of VdT staff grouped to find a name for the center that represents everything they are working for; Zeina is the name they chose which means Beautiful, that being a lady or the ornaments that adorn and compliment her.
Walking into the building and seeing it buzzing with the energy and positivity of the ladies working inside and the women coming to attend workshops on health and wellbeing, to participate in the new Health Club activities, to take part in the Women’s Corner educational and cultural activities, or to attend the literacy class, you are bound to feel happiness and inspiration seeping through especially if you were lucky enough to follow the continuing growth of those women from start till now.
Every day in the center is an opportunity to learn, grow and strive for new ideas of services to be given to the community and new collaborations to be made with local and international organizations aimed at the sustainability of the place. Good news is not in constant supply in the center but they definitely push everyone to work towards making them a reoccurring event. Some of that good news includes the receipt and completion of Zeina’s first order of toys for EducAid NGO that will distribute them to 15 kindergartens in the Strip. Also, Zeina staff managed to form new collaborations with leading local NGOs like the Women’s Affairs Center and Tamer Institute for Community Education that support the center with workshops and materials like books and short movies covering the subjects of Culture, the Importance of Education, Women Empowerment and Life Skills, not forgetting forming a successful relationship with a Women’s Health Center that gave out awareness workshops on violence and distributed small health kits to the women of the community.
Overall, the success continues and the work is speeding up towards more and more of that.

Watch the video from Sky News Arabia:

Foto di Eduardo Soteras