Events in support of the School of Tires

23 April 2018

Originally from Tel Arad in southern Israel, the residents of Al Khan al Ahmar were forced to displace in 1951. They moved to the desert east of Jerusalem. In the 1990s, Israel began planning the second displacement of the community

Stop killing Palestinian civilians!

18 April 2018

SCP – Società Civile per la Palestina adheres to the appeal of over 70 international NGOs operating in Palestine (AIDA) condemning the killing of 10 unarmed Palestinian civilians and wounding over 1,300, which took place in Gaza on Friday 6

Seeds of hope for the Tyre school

11 April 2018

A new date has been set to choose upon the future of the ‘tyre school’: on April 25th, in fact, the Israeli Supreme Court will, once again, meet to come to a conclusion regarding the demolition of the whole Al

The ‘solidarity travellers’ visit Vento di Terra’s projects

10 April 2018

It’s the end of March when Vento di Terra’s office in Amman receives the news: the Italian delegation will visit them in the first week of April! Immediately, we meet and define the itinerary for the week in all its

Our goodbye to the young student Alaa

9 April 2018

We’ve received some sad news from our local coordinator in the Gaza Strip, Mohanad: the young Alaa Yahya Alzamli, a 16-year old student, has been killed by the a sniper of the Israeli army while taking part in the protest

Women’s rights and gender equality

8 March 2018

Women’s day has been celebrated in the U.S. ever since 1909, however it hasn’t been until 1975 that the United Nations proposed to all nations, in respect of local traditions and customs, to establish a yearly “United Nations day for

My father is in jail because he believes in a free Palestine

26 February 2018

I was born in an era in which people believed that the Israeli occupation would have soon come to an end. After the signing of the Oslo accords, my father was sure that, before I would’ve begun attending school, there

Gaza: 16 medical centers close due to lack of electricity

19 February 2018

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced the suspension of operations in 16 hospitals and health centres in the Gaza Strip due to a severe lack of electricity and fuel, according to Quds Press. The situation has worsened dramatically

Appeal for the Rights of Afghan Citizens

17 January 2018

Vento di Terra NGO worked in Afghanistan between 2013 and 2015. Vento di Terra started working there agreeing with the Embassy in order to develop the experiences gained in Palestine with the construction of primary schools in bioclimatic architecture. VdT

Tour of conferences about peace in the Middle East with rabbi Jeremy Milgrom

18 October 2017

With the presence of Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom in Italy, between 29 October and 8 November, Vento di Terra organizes and promotes a tour of conferences on the resistance of the Bedouin communities for the right to education in Palestine. An