Starting 2011
Objective Rehabilitation of the primary school of Yanoun, Nablus district.
Project Status Completed
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Funded by  UN OCHA – ERF program

Yanun is a village in the Nablus Governorate in northern West Bank, located 12 kilometres southeast of Nablus. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), the village had a population of 102 in 2007. There was a decrease from 2004 when the PCBS recorded that Yanun had 145 inhabitants. The residents of the village have to travel to Aqraba for primary health care and primary education starting from the 5th class.
According to a land and population survey by Sami Hadawi in 1945, Yanun had a population of 50 person living in a built-up area of 34 dunums. Today, the village is still leased by the residents of Aqraba and payment for leasing the land could be made in the form of wheat, olive oil or cash. About three-quarters of Yanun’s 16,000 dunums of land is still leased.
The village was temporarily abandoned in October 2004 when the harassment episodes by residents of the nearby Israeli settlement of Itamar became intolerable, leaving behind only two aged people who refused to accept the village decision to go. The village was re-occupied with the aid of peace activists from Ta’ayush and the International Solidarity Movement. Nowadays the Yanun villagers still have huge security problems with the nearby settlers, that constantly try to occupy more land and threat the community with heavy harassment episodes. Since 2003 EAPPI is implementing a protective presence in order to monitor the settler harassment and to pointed out any human rights violation.

Yanun has got a primary school hosting 10 children and 4 teachers.
The Yanun primary school is a mixed school with 6 classrooms, from the 1st to the 6th. The school, at the moment, host about 10 students with 4 teachers (3 full time and 1 part time).
Many families left the upper Yanun in the last years due to settlers harassment and lack of services.
UNICEF accompanied VdT in the field visit, underlining the high priority of rehabilitation work of the Yanun primary school, to guarantee and protect the right of education to the Yanun students, and to guarantee the basic services to the population, that might come back to the original village if the safety and services condition would be restored.
The school structured has been target of some rehabilitation intervention in the past years; Coopi, PNA and private groups. Now days the underlined problems are:
– water infiltration from the metal and concrete roofs (rainfall and broken pipelines)
– walls damaged followed the winter rainfall
– lack of toilettes roofs
– lack of windows in the big room

The present activities foreseen to:
– Insulation and proof the metal roof
– Insulation and proof of the concrete roof
– Rehabilitation of the internal walls, plastering and finishing works
– Windows installation
– Toilettes roof installation and pipeline rehabilitation