The rubber tyre school is preparing to welcome more students

13 April 2015

The action offers an answer to the different needs identified among boys and girls to ensure to full enjoyment of the right to education for both of them. The rehabilitation will facilitate the participation especially of female students to the

Netanyahu orders demolition of mobile structures set up by the EU in Jerusalem

10 February 2015

The decision comes after Israel’s Channel 2 revealed that the EU had distributed a number of mobile structures in the E1 area of East Jerusalem in addition to areas in Essawiyeh. The Israeli civil administration has said it would not

Rehabilitation of the Rubber Tyre school

17 November 2014

Regarding the buildings constructed between 2009 and 2011 (8 classrooms in total) and after, they need maintenance for the plastering, painting, maintenance of the wooden floors, roofs, windows and doors. These will include the substitution of some doors and windows,

Inauguration of the Mobile Clinic

4 July 2013

In Al Walaja live 1.200 people and the village, in the past connected to Jerusalem, today is cut out by the wall path. The Israeli army, under whose jurisdiction the area remains, does not allow Palestinians to build new buildings and makes