Finishing touches for the new Woman Center!

19 October 2015

In the early months of 2015, Vento di Terra began the construction of the first block of the Children’s Land: the new center for women, in bioclimatic architecture, will enable the development of social and income generation activities for women. In

Empowering Women of Um Alnasser Village

15 June 2015

Vento di Terra’s first priority has always been strengthening the communities they work with; like the Bedouin community of Um Alnasser village, north of Gaza Strip. One major step taken towards the achievement of that is seen in the NGO’s

How afghan silk scarves are produced

24 October 2014

“The Women of the Silk Road” is the new line of afghan silk scarves, born from a project by Vento di Terra with the local NGO Raada (Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan and Agriculture Development), involving more than 1,000 silk manufacturers in the

The eggs arrived also in Herat

18 April 2014

Massimo Annibale Rossi, President of Vento di Terra, attended the delivery of the silkworm eggs to a thousand women of the Zinda Jan district, selected for the project “The Women of the Silk Road.” The first step in the development