Appeal for the Rights of Afghan Citizens

17 January 2018

Vento di Terra NGO worked in Afghanistan between 2013 and 2015. Vento di Terra started working there agreeing with the Embassy in order to develop the experiences gained in Palestine with the construction of primary schools in bioclimatic architecture. VdT

Tour of conferences about peace in the Middle East with rabbi Jeremy Milgrom

18 October 2017

With the presence of Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom in Italy, between 29 October and 8 November, Vento di Terra organizes and promotes a tour of conferences on the resistance of the Bedouin communities for the right to education in Palestine. An

The Zeina Women Center selected at the Festival of Peoples

9 October 2017

At 11 ° 15 ‘E of the Greenwich Meridian, east, runs Peters’s zero meridian map, the projection of the world representing the dimensions of the countries as directly proportional to their surfaces. That meridian, the longitudinal axis of a card

The light heart of Alhan al Ahmar

25 September 2017

The school is there, as a shelter for 170 children. We met them shortly after noon, while walking through the slopes of the neighbors hills to go home. The journey is full of obstacles and closely monitored by the paramilitary

Our education is something no one can take away from us

18 September 2017

Hussain, from Syria, is one of the educators of the center of Al-Mafraq city. We met in a mid-August hot day while he is holding an English language lesson that involves a lot of pupils who were willing to intervene.